Time is money. Determine your nap worth.

-Kenneth Goorabian

Yesterday, I took a long nap. Was it fruitful? Good question. I felt better afterwards, but was it the best use of my time? Probably not. I should have been writing. So how much did that nap cost me? At least a couple hundred dollars, if I’m being honest with myself.

First of all,  it’s time to be honest with yourself. When it comes to your business, are you playing all the positions on your team? Are you the marketing department, the writing staff, and the creative brain? Do you consider this role playing to be towards your strengths or drudgery?

What’s your time worth? Do you utilize your time wisely? Any time spent on a project that causes you to be upside-down monetarily should be considered a loss of revenue.

In order to understand this in business terms, let’s reduce this down to an easy plus/minus math equation.

Hourly fee you charge clients – $150

Hours spent writing your company’s blog post that you hate – 4

Total cost to write blog post – $600

Copywriter’s fee (on average) for blog post – $100

Net Loss – <$500>

Crunch the number$ yourself or follow the link: How much is my time worth calculator

What’s a Copywriter?

When meeting with potential clients, one thing we hear frequently is how much they dread writing, whether it’s blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc. Even though it’s not their passion or skill set, it’s still a necessary evil when doing digital business in the 21st century. Usually, when they’ve come to the end of the rope, they seek a professional copywriter. Oh, and this usually happens after they Google, “What’s a copywriter?” and “How to hire a copywriter.”

Copywriting vs Copyright?

Getting confused with the trademark © is a common copywriter’s lament. No, we don’t protect your music, literary works, or inventions. Furthermore, we do not work with copyrights. We write words. It’s that simple. Our talent is crafting creative copy to attract browsers to your website and convert them into paying clients.

Time is Money

Time and money will forever be intertwined, and we never seem to have enough of either. Consequently, if it’s true that time equals money, then what logically follows is time saved means money saved. Every working hour of the day that you’re not making money is a loss.  You could spend hours trying to keep up with social media, blogs and newsletters or you could be taking care of business and earning dollars.

That Thing You Do

“Anyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.”


A truer statement has never been uttered. Written by a copywriter, no doubt.

To sum (math pun intended) things up, isn’t your time valuable? Wouldn’t it be better spent doing that thing you do best? Successful companies have always understood the need for great copy. Remember, a copywriter wrote, “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” “Just do it,” “Have it your way,” “It Gives You Wiiiings!” and “Taste the rainbow.”

Your slogan or tagline could be on the list. Let us help you get noticed.