Technical writing

Our foray into TECHNICAL WRITING involves massaging stiff, dry, and fact-based language into well-rounded reports. Legal, pharma, medical, and the IT industries could use a tabletop partner who understands their distinct lingo. From executive summaries to case studies, we’ll be your virtual or mobile writer drafting reports for internal teams, such as R&D, sales, and marketing.

As a mobile corporate reporter, Bonnie will travel to your next executive briefing, clinical research roundtable, or medical symposium. She’ll attend, take notes, and deliver a summary full of customer comments and action items. If you have an audio recording of the event, we can turn that MP3/4 or WAV file into a polished report.

Another area of specialty includes the 730 Family Evaluation report. As a forensic report writer, Bonnie has worked with psychologists drafting succinct and well-balanced custody reports. She speaks legalese and truly cares about the best interests of the children.

SCOPING using Advantage Software (, Bonnie scopes (edits) for court reporters. Having transcribed medical, legal, financial, educational, and corporate files for 20+ years, she can discern difficult audio, tough hearings, and foreign dialects. She will also proofread court transcripts as a separate service. As a team member, she’ll help you deliver fabulous transcripts.