Ready to Rock Your Words!


What do you get when you cross an English lit graduate with an ’80s rock-n-roller?

Sales copy with proper grammar, punctuated with an edgy tone. It’s kind of like plaid skirt meets black leather jacket. Think Harley-ridin’ librarian.

With tongue firmly wedged in-cheek, Kenny brings spunk to the page, letting his creative freak flag fly, while Bonnie, having worked for years in the technical realm, is the grounding tether. As a dictionary-rockin’ duo, they blend wit with whimsy, creating harmony with words.

Do You Want Your Writing to Sing?

Writing can sometimes seem as daunting as public speaking. You begin to sweat, staring nervously at a blank screen; hoping a unicorn will prance across the page, leaving glittering copy in its wake. Sounds silly, but you get the point. That’s where WordRockers steps in.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) | Consumer-facing copy | Marketing materials| Printed publications

Website copy | Social media copy | Blogs

Executive summary | Meeting/customer briefing summaries | Case studies | Forensic psychology reports (730 family evaluation)

“If you don’t have a pocketful of clever witticisms to tickle a girl’s fancy, she’ll likely go looking for someone with a bigger feather.”

Kenneth Goorabian, WordRockers
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