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The about page is not about us. It’s about you and your business. Didn’t see that coming, did you?  We understand how difficult it is to toot your own horn. It’s similar to when the job interviewer says, “Tell me about your best qualities.” Do you answer honestly and feel like a braggart or do you hem and haw with false modesty? It’s not easy. You want to appear polished and professional, and at the same time approachable.

The truth is, some people can write good, but few can write well.

Writing copy that sells is like making bread. We take your message, add a pinch of creativity, throw in a bit of spice, and knead the words until they make sense… dollars and cents, that is. Because that’s the result you want to achieve, isn’t it? The end goal of hiring a copywriter is to get your customers to purchase whatever products or services you’re selling. There’s a psychology to the art of the sale. It all boils down to persuade, prompt and purchase.

Ready to roll in the dough?

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Kenny, our resident musician and songwriter, retains the driven energy and wacky creativity he had as an ’80s rocker. As the guitarist of a Sacramento-based band, Steel Breeze, Kenny toured with Hall & Oates and shared the stage with such rock luminaries as The Who, John Mellencamp, Peter Frampton, Jefferson Starship, and Joan Jett. He wrote Steel Breeze’s top 20 Billboard hit, You Don’t Want Me Anymore. He’s a screenwriter, novelist, blogger, and humorist; self-described as having more in common with a peach pit than Brad Pitt.


Complementing Kenny’s cheeky writing style is Bonnie, the degree-holding, English Lit major, who crafted business reports for the pharma, legal and medical industries. Her work has taken her all over the world, filling her passport with stickers from Bangkok to Berlin. Clients have included HP Inc., Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. Her writing is as diverse as bag copy for consumer-packaged goods to court reports for a forensic psychologist. As a lover of words, she’s the kind of gal, when in conversation, silently corrects your grammar in her head.

Our Approach

Do you want your copy to sing?

Writing can sometimes seem as daunting as public speaking. You begin to sweat, staring nervously at a blank screen; hoping a unicorn will prance across the page, leaving glittering copy in its wake. Sounds silly, but you get the point. That’s where WordRrockers steps in.

How do you sell dead, cold fish in an appetizing way? Name it sushi. That’s what we do. We interpret your raw data, let it marinate, wrap it in some clever copy, and call it a California roll.

Just like Elvis impersonators, we’ll slip into the white jumpsuit, paste on a pair of sideburns, don the glasses, and hit the stage like rock stars. You’ll swear Elvis hasn’t left the building. Let us crank up your copy, engage using your voice, emote using our words, and convince prospects to convert to customers. TCB, baby.

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