You might be asking yourself, what is a copyriter?

COPYWRITING is the skill of writing sales promotions and other marketing materials for products and services. It’s crafting persuasive messages to prompt people to respond to your call to action (CTA), such as purchase your book or join your email list. Let’s think of this as the 3 P’s: Persuade – Prompt – Purchase.

From consumer packaged  goods to brochures and email campaigns, copywriting is key to marketing and advertising your business. We write for a wide variety of projects, including package copy for consumable products/household goods, and promotional copy for small businesses.


EDITING is that extra pair of eyes every writer needs overseeing their work. Our philosophy is NOPENo One is Perfect Every time. As editors, we improve creative marketing collateral, do grammatical review, and correct work product of non-native English speakers.

We also offer pre-print PROOFREADING. Short forms, reports, blogs, and articles could use one more look before you hit “post.”  Correct spelling and grammar increase your credibility. Our goal is to make sure you are well-represented in articles, emails, website copy, and promotional materials. Let us peek at your masterpiece before you publish.